Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


A big usability upgrade with Flusk 2.4 to make the use of the platform better!
Special thanks to Jack Broadbent, Oliver Watts, Igor Racca and Nick Squires for their suggestions and contribution to this version of Flusk 🥳
Latency Reports
One of the most requested feature from our higher-plans: we have finally released the latency monitoring.
Get an overview of your app's response time to monitor the impact of some recurring workflows or user traffic.
Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 10
Only available for Scale plans, activate it now from the Statistics tab of Flusk.
Forum Integration, ChatGPT and Experts
We know that bug from your app can be hard to understand and security issues hard to fix. We're always trying to find new ways of making this process easier, and here are some.
Forum Integration
From an bug or a security vulnerability on your app, our new post wizard will write a detailed forum post with all the available informations.
In a few seconds you can post your question on the Bubble Forum automatically and get help from the community 👥
Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 10
For bugs/errors you can now ask our Flusk GPT to help you understand what the error means, where it comes from, and how to fix it.
Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 10
We have dropped the hourly price of the expert intervention from 150$ to 50$ (depending on your plan) and we will not make any margin on this service anymore.
We hope to make fixing things more accessible with this significant price drop.
As our tool becomes more complex and as we onboard more beginners, it's crucial to make Flusk easier to use.
Manually refresh logs
Forcing the refresh of logs was a big paint point for most of you as it was very buggy because the tech behind this is quite complex.
We've totally redesigned it and it's now much more performant!
Faster tests
We've upgraded our servers to make security tests easiers!
Less errors
We're rolling out the first version of our AI to filter-out unnecessary errors/bugs on which you cannot act (for example Bubble errors,..)
This will only be slightly noticeable until we release the full AI model, but we need some extra data first.
Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 10
Better sorting for security vulnerabilities
We've revamped the sorting rules for showing the security issues and it should now be much more relevant!
Deployment message in webhooks
You can now receive the message from your Bubble editor's deployment in your webhook or Slack channel.
Search in errors/bugs
You can now search for specific errors within the Error Explorer
Other improvements
  • Improved 2FA deliverability
  • You can now see the API workflow names in the WU stats
  • We added seconds and milliseconds in error occurrences and the Log Explorer
Quite a big update for Flusk 2.3 with a lot of features from the community's ideaboard!
User and Workflow Stats
We know this was one of the most wanted feature from the community, so that's it.
Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 4
Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 4
Here's what we included for this first milestone:
  • Top users (based on activity)
  • Users consuming the most WUs
  • Workflows taking the longest to run
  • Workflows consuming the most WUs
  • Top workflows runs
Weekly Digest
Too many notifications, or not enough? In either case you should love our new digest send every week with your app's security status and some statistics about your app!
Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 4
Dashboard Redesign
A good product is all about UI/UX, especially with the quantity of information available on the Flusk dashboard.
We've redesigned the dashboard to make all the new features more accessible and simple.
Faster Tests (again!)
As for every release, we've found a way to make security tests run faster.
Now, we've decreased the queueing time by 50% by adding a second server to run the tests.
other improvements:
  • You can now add a phone number as a backup method for 2FA verification
  • You can now export the results of a test as a JSON
Certified Black Long
The security Widget is now available.
Add it on your app to show your customers and users that your app is being secured using Flusk and increase trust.
Other improvements:
  • You can now Smart Deploy immediately
  • Better resolution when monitoring is not working
  • New support articles about the new monitoring features
  • The Log Explorer is now 80% faster
  • Fixed the chart for Error Explorer




Flusk Vault

[2.1] Just some fixes from the V2 😅

Did you miss the V2 update? Here's the release video:
  • You can now deploy your app immediately (without scheduling)
  • You can now ask for help from the community!
  • Added popups and notifications when no data collection is enabled in the Activity, Log Explorer and Error Explorer tabs,
  • Added a demo error and security issue for onboarding purposed
  • Improved Visual Log responsive
  • Fix on chart showing random values on the Error Explorer
Flusk Monitor alpha testers, let me introduce you to the Deployment tab!
There you will be able to see all recent deployments made from Flusk and your Bubble Editor!
Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 6
This is cool, but what's 1000% cooler is the new
Deployment on Schedule
Not only you can schedule deployment at a fixed time, but you can also enable our new
Smart Deploy
feature in order to try to deploy only when no users are currently active on your app!
No more interrupted sessions because of the "This app has new changes" banner 😈
Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 6
Note for alpha testers: you will need the Flusk | Enriched Errors & Logs plugin for the Smart Deploy feature to work accurately
Big changes for Flusk Monitor
The new Activity tab has arrived! You can now see live users on your app, as well as the history and average traffic on your app, both for visitors and users.
Log Explorer
  • Plain text search has arrived, it's a powerful way to search through your logs (including user data, log data, ...)
  • You can now see logs that have an
    state as well as filter them!
Bug fixing:
  • You can now see the duration and WU consumption of a workflow
  • You can now see the data of a workflow (
  • Click a log and filter by similar user, user type or location
  • Fixed a bug for multiple context menus
Flusk Vault
We just released a performance fix that should really improve the initial loading time of the dashboard as well as the response time once loaded!
Hope this makes a difference to you ❤️
Flusk Monitor
Some new features again 🤩
  • Custom filters
    have finally arrived in the Log Explorer. This will soon enable you to create Custom Triggers in order to receive webhooks based on events (such as a new deploy, an error on a specific workflow,...)
Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 8
The options for the Custom Filters are very wide, and our validation system will let you build complex conditionals in a safe way!
Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 8
We just release Flusk Monitor for our alpha testers.
This first version includes the following features:
  • List Log viewer
  • Visual Log viewer
    : one of the most exciting features at the moment
We just released a big performance update that should speed up the entire app!
Hope this doesn't bring any bip-boup bugs!
We just released a major upgrade of our servers allowing you to retrieve issues faster from your dashboard.
This is a significantly important update for apps with a lot of issues (>100)
To give you an idea, we went from 20,000 - 40,000 ms in average to around 200 - 500!
Enjoy the faster dashboard!
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